Why the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Do These Three Little-Known (Kind of Weird) Things to Achieve Breakthrough after Breakthrough

“I learned these the hard way, through life knocking me around a little, but you get to ‘cheat’ and get them for FREE”

Inside this exclusive live event, you’ll uncover…

The deadly “Psychological Gap” that quietly keeps 95% of entrepreneurs from reaching their goals… no matter how hard they try!

The 3-5% Rule to calculate exactly how many clients you need to hit your financial goals with laser-like precision

How to activate your “Peak Performance DNA” to increase your productivity by 5-10X in 30 days or less.

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Former NFL Safety & Serial Entrepreneur

To the entrepreneur who’s tired of coming short on their potential, feeling lost without direction, and scared to death of saying goodbye to their dreams forever...

My name is Bret Lockett. Former NFL Safety and now serial entrepreneur. Before my time in the NFL, becoming a top 1% financial sales consultant, and investing in over 27 companies… I started out like most people. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy household. My family didn’t own any businesses. All I was blessed with is one thing: Hustle.

This hustle allowed me to excel at my love for football, and eventually the business world when I retired from the NFL. However, that journey wasn’t straight forward. It came with a lot of hard knocks and lessons I learned about the fundamentals of business. As well as what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in a world of stress, distraction & overwhelm. Many years later, I’ve now been able to take those lessons to help entrepreneurs across the country finally build their dream business. Now I want to help you do the same.

Regardless of what your goals are, I’m here to tell you that you’re closer to them than you might think. In fact, the only thing that’s standing in your way are 3 simple, but critical shifts you must make in order to build the dream business & life you desire. In this live event, you’ll uncover exactly what those shifts are, and how you can apply them to your businesses starting today.

So with that said, there’s only one question that remains…

Are you ready to unleash the unstoppable entrepreneur inside of you?

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If you've ever wanted to start your own business or take your existing one to the next level, the Business BreakThrough Triad will give you the tools you need your reach your goals - no matter how large!

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Kurtis Lee Thomas

International Best-Selling Author, Key Note Speaker, Corporate Mindfulness Trainer

“Bret's strong business acumen, highly intuitive approach, and ability to operate at the highest levels needed to become a peak performer, makes Bret the most effective consultant I've ever worked with. This one decision has taken my career to the next level unobtainable without him"

samantha b


Luxury Realtor, VH1 Star of Love & Listings

“Bret has guided me to differentiate myself as a top real estate agent in Beverly Hills. His leadership has taught me how to provide real value to my clients in a compelling way and stand out from my competition. His unique business strategies have helped me create a bigger business and multiple streams of revenue. My favorite aspect of working with Bret is how he’s helped me take my passions and incorporate them into my business; turning my hobbies into income. I am forever grateful.”



COO and Co-Founder of Social Light LLC

“What Bret offers is such a uniquely, tailored coaching experience. He applies concepts and questions to assist not only business and financial growth, but personal growth. The way Bret coaches is thought-provoking, extremely effective, and guides you towards one attainable goal after another.”

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